Mr. Whiskers Cat Watches 9 lives And 9 colors

Mr. Whiskers Cat Watches 9 lives And 9 colors Vista Shops
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Be as happy and curious as Mr. Whiskers..!

Cat person or not, get this cute watch and you are hooked for life! Mr. Whiskers can make you playful and will definitely put a smile on your face.. Wear it and navigate with ease.. Relax with Mr. Whiskers on holidays or take it to office on casual Fridays and see how much it becomes a topic of the day..! 

Survive and thrive with Mr. Whiskers..


  • Japanese Quartz movement keeps accurate time.
  • The dial shows a cute cat face with whiskers and perked up ears.
  • Vegan Leather and adjustable buckled strap measures 10 inches Long.
  • Replaceable watch battery.
  • It comes in 9 lively and vibrant colors.
  • Great for gift giving for fun loving family and friends.





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