Moroccan Memories - One of our true travel finds

Moroccan Memories - One of our true travel finds Vista Shops
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You will really love Moroccan Memories. 


Our out of this world necklace will get you lost in the beauty of its colors, just the way one gets lost in the Moroccan ancient markets and palaces. The bohemian look and feel it gives you is just so very Moroccan. This necklace can take you from wherever you are to Morocco. 


Set on a silky black rope cord, the exotic combination of Purple, Orange and Turquoise beads delicately adhere to the Turquoise cabochons, each royally displaying a peacock's crest. 

This makes it a unique gift for someone whose Moroccan memories still linger deep into their hearts.


Wear the Moroccan Memories Necklace from summer to autumn and beyond. 

A true blue statement necklace with Purple, Orange and Turquoise Cabochons on a silky rope.




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