Moonlit Soft Glow LED Light, Wireless Phone Charger And Stand

Moonlit Soft Glow LED Light, Wireless Phone Charger And Stand Vista Shops
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Nice sophisticated design and multipurpose features make this wireless phone charger with a stand and soft glow ambiance light a must-have. 
Display the time and look stylish whilst charging your phone with this versatile device. This is easy to install and easy to use. Take it outside on your patio or lounge in style on your cabana chair with this multipurpose charger, a phone stand, and a soft and relaxing ambiance light.  Simply place your Qi-enabled Smartphone on the charging pad under the energy-saving LED light and its wireless charging technology will detect your device and start charging it. Just lift the charger handle and lean the phone against it to enjoy pictures, your favorite songs, or shows. You can also create a crescent moonlike warm glow by tapping on the charger handle or just press on it for bright light or dim-lit ambiance. It will also automatically connect with any Bluetooth-enabled devices within 32 ft of a distance. 
Enjoy a Moonlit night with this multipurpose charger, phone stand, and LED light all in one.

  • It is made of PC material, designed with advanced induction technology. 
  • The sophisticated look gives a nice feel.
  • The foldable holder works as a phone stand so you can place your phone securely and charge.
  • It also works as a touch light to turn On/Off with 3 levels of brightness.
  • USB battery indicator shows the remaining battery capacity clearly, so your devices will be fully charged up without worry.  
  • The wireless charger is compatible with most Smartphones.
  • Perfect for home, dorm room, and office. 
  • Select from 3 colors.




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