Mini-Max Powered Charger for Smart Phones and Tablets

Mini-Max Powered Charger for Smart Phones and Tablets Vista Shops
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Mini-Max a powered Charger is an advanced technological breakthrough in charging providing speed and power all in a small form factor that fits in your pocket and easy to carry.  It is so powerful that it will charge iPhone 11 or 12 Pro Max or any other model 200% that is two times from 0 to100% charged and can charge your tablet 100%.


If you have Mini-Max with you you can watch 2 full-length movies and still have power left on your phone.  Multi devises can be charged at the same time with its multi-port with 2x USB port and 1x USB -C Port.   Auto power management charge only what your device can handle and stop charging when it is full.  The LED screen in the front tells you also how much power left in the Mini-Max.

 A great breakthrough product that is perfect to carry anywhere.

Battery is 4500 mAh capacity 




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