Mini Fiery 100 Lights Shine Like Firebugs With Solar Power

Mini Fiery 100 Lights Shine Like Firebugs With Solar Power
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200 Mini Fiery Lights that shine like firebugs..


Put the shine in little jars or bottles and light up the whole area .. use it as a centerpiece for your table and you can illuminate the whole room with just 100 lights.  The lights are of warm yellow color representing a lighted candle effect or Multi-Color for the Festive effect and Bright White Clear Snow Effect.  Wrap them around the plants, trees and turn them on for 5 to 8 hours a day and will recharge again in the daytime with its solar panel and store the power for use again at night. 


Glow with Sheeny Shiny..




    • You get 1 strings, each string has 100 lights and each string is approx 40ft long. 


    • Auto On at night and Off in daylight with photocell built-in.


    • The lights have an On and Off button as well.


    • Completely safe and Waterproof.


    • It can be used indoors and outdoors. 


    • It has Solar panels that charge the batteries to be sure it gets plenty of sunlight outdoors or indoors. 


    • Great for gift giving for weddings and Christmas.





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