Meow Moods Cat Watches

Meow Moods Cat Watches
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The cats have 9 lives and perhaps 9 hundred moods..

From being playful and purring happily to being nervous, biting , scratching , growling, stretching lazily and mad, not to mention ready to spit a hair ball.. Being a cat lover, we love all the Meow Moods..

Get the cat watch and watch your cat in ever mood possible every top of the hour.. Show it to your cat and even she will approve of it with a happy "meow"..!


  • Japanese Quartz movement keeps accurate time.
  • They are made from Vegan Leather.
  • The dial shows a cute cat un 12 different moods.
  • The solid color adjustable buckled strap measures 10 inches Long.
  • Select from colors like ---------------------
  • Great for gift giving for fun loving family and friends.




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