Master of All Bluetooth Connect Simultaneously any Device

Master of All Bluetooth Connect Simultaneously any Device Vista Shops
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Master Of All a Bluetooth Keyboard that allows you to connect multiple devices at the same time and switch between the device in a second via the keyboard.  No resync or no new connection required once it is set.

Will connect APPLE iOS, Android and Windows system.   You get a full keyset of the keyboard.   This allows you to carry a single keyboard for anything you want to connect to type on.   Smart Phone, Tablets and Desktop computer  The keyboard is made from tough ABS plastics and the bottom part and case are made from All Natural Bamboo materials.   The keyboard has Bluetooth connection and uses a rechargeable battery.   One single charge can last up to 12 hours of use.

* Keyboard charging cable is included.  

* Bluetooth capability required on your device to use this keyboard. 

* Built in stand to hold your tablet and smartphone while you type.

Will Connect to: Apple - iPhone 4,5,6 and iPad 4, Air, Mini, Samsung Android -- All phones, Tablet can also connect to Windows based phones and desktop Windows computer with Bluetooth.

Simultaneously connect your multiple devices and type to any one single device at any given time.




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