Martian Explorer Futuristic Planet Watch

$ 55.95

Want to visit Mars? Make this mission possible..

Equip yourself with this futuristic design watch that is fit for your Mars exploration, in simple words let it tickle your imagination, enhance your mood and start a great conversation with it's modern and classic design and craftsmanship..! It's all steel body and circular moving dials with a small window to show time is just great as it creates an out of this world look and feel... 

It shows time in an unusual way reminding us that there is only a short window of a time frame to do everything and hence we should take that opportunity in life.. Get inspired and be inspired with this futuristic watch..

Fictional but functional , imagine when you visit and explore Mars, this watch will remind you of good old earth and what time it is at your home..


  • Quartz Movement.
  • Martian watch has All Steel body.
  • The watch belt can be all Link style or Leather in Black.
  • It comes in Brushed Steel and Polished Black.
  • Great for gift giving for yourself or anyone who is modern and adventurous, planning and boasting to visit Mars.

***** Please note the watch has a fun fictional element and it is fully functional***

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