Markeza Ring In Semi Precious Marcasite Pave Crystals

Markeza Ring In Semi Precious Marcasite Pave Crystals Vista Shops
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Some pieces of jewelry are just so wonderfully detailed and precise that it makes them important and precious and this ring is definitely one such piece...

Wth rows of shimmering little Marcasite crystal stones, this art deco style semi-precious Marcasite ring looks no less than one of those ancient and vintage rings that belonged to some Queen in the past century and now restored and displayed in some palace or a museum...

Let the Markeza be on your hand to win your heart..


  • It is made of Alloy inserts dotted with semi-precious Marcasite stones in sterling Silver plating.
  • A unique and rare ring that exudes elegance.
  • It comes in sizes: 6 ,7,8 and 9.
  • The rings shaft width is 1/4 "
  • It comes in a gift pack for gift giving and safekeeping.




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