Marbelous iPhone Case Charger W/ Power Bank In 3 Shades

Marbelous iPhone Case Charger W/ Power Bank In 3 Shades Vista Shops
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Unique, classy and sophisticated!

If you love the look of natural grains of marbles in different shades, you will definitely want your hands on these iPhone cases for your iPhone!  Its built-in stored power can recharge your phone 100% and extend your fun time by 12 hours of additional use. It's slim and designed just a little thicker than a normal case. Get the look of marble without the weight, as these cases are lightweight... They also have all the functions of your iPhone that you can access with ease... 

Let everyone marvel at your Marbelous iPhone case, get more for variety! 


  • The case is made of solid ABS.
  • Slim and lightweight.
  • 5400 mAh Stored additional power charger with one click.
  • Support iPhone models  7/8, 7/8Plus, X, Xs, Xr, and XMAX. 
  • Enjoy different veins and grains on each case just like real marble.
  • All iPhone functions are accessible through the cutouts without taking out the case.
  • They come in Pink Marble, Black Marble, and Marble Gray.
  • Great for gift giving. Get more, each sold separately.




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