LOVEY DOVEY Doves Of Infinite Love And Peace Bracelet

LOVEY DOVEY Doves Of Infinite Love And Peace Bracelet Vista Shops
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Heard a story of the Doves in Love..?

It's a story of two Doves who want to be with each other always and forever so they flutter their wings and take a flight over deserts and meadows to find Love and Peace .. they finally find a fruitful tree in a tropical forest and in it's cool shadow they will now build a beautiful nest, hoping and knowing in their hearts that it's here they will find infinite Love and Peace..

Get LOVEY-DOVEY.. to bring Peace and quiet when mind gets cluttered with thoughts and to renew the heart to celebrate infinite spirit of Love..



  • The bracelet is made of braided vegan leather. 
  • The Doves, Tree and Infinity symbol made of White Alloy material.
  • The bracelet measures 9 inches Long including the 2 inches Long Extender chain.
  • They come in Brown Desert and Black Forest.




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