Lovey Dovey SOULS Necklace Pair Get Both

Lovey Dovey SOULS Necklace Pair Get Both Vista Shops
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You are in love with him and it shows in your smile.. He is in love with you and it shows in his eyes.. 

For those moments when two lovey dovey souls express their affection and passion for each other.. and say.. so there you are ! and I was looking for you all along all this time.. Get Lovey Dovey for the moments when you realize, you just did not meet, you were already into each other all along..

The SOULS stay together so when you get one you get both in the same price and shipping..!


  • Made of sweetly transparent faceted Resin beads in big and small sizes, weaved through a gold tone plated chain.
  • The necklace consists of double layers and longer layer measures 35 inches Long,with Lobster clasp closure.
  • It comes in sweet and beautiful colors like Turquoise Love and Dove Pink, you get both in one order.




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