Love U To The Moon Long Turquoise Necklace

Love U To The Moon Long Turquoise Necklace
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Can Love really be measured..?

When you want to express love and just don't have enough words .. You know that you will need a paper as wide as the sky, a pen as tall as a tree and oceanfull of ink to write all that you want to and it still won't measure enough to say what you want to say..! Wear this meaningful necklace that sweetly shows your love and silently says Love U To The Moon..

Love to the moon and find a way back to eachother's heart.. get your Turquoise necklace today!


  • The necklace is made of Alloy and Hematite.
  • It measures 24-inches long.
  • The sweet design shows a big U and a Turquoise Moon.
  • It comes in a gift pouch.




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