LAGOONA Made From The Heart Bracelets

$ 43.95

Lovingly handmade, hand-knotted, full of natural rustic charm and made from heart..

Get smitten by the artisan's creativity and their interpretation of art and beauty ! Anywhere from 3 to 5 artisans, male and female come together to create and assemble these extraordinary bracelets .. The Porcelain clay gets softly molded and beautifully given the shape of nuggets..long strands of straw yarn get weaved with age-old weaving techniques created by generations of weavers from the distant shores of Hawaii..The Porcelain nuggets are then gently passed through a fire pit with great expertise by the female artisans, who also give them a hint of jade and blue colors for added attraction..

This labor of true love completes when the bracelet is woven with wooden circles along with the nuggets and 2 wooden beads are woven in the end to form a clasp.. True is beautiful indeed..

  • The bracelets are made of natural Straw fiber.
  • The nugget beads are made of pure Porcelain clay.
  • The circles and clasp beads are made of genuine Wood.
  • The bracelet is made in one size to fit most wrists.
  • Select from: Lagoon Green and Blue Lagoon.

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