La Canica 10 In 1 Makeup Brush Set With Travel Friendly Container

La Canica 10 In 1 Makeup Brush Set With Travel Friendly Container Vista Shops
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Effortless chic...

Let your personality do the talking and make your femininity shine through your face... You will need these beautiful brushes as an aspiring make up artist or a Pro to make you look flawless; as these soft and fluffy beauty brushes are not only good looking but they are lightweight too and an absolute joy to work with! Applying makeup is breezy with these brushes, as it's high-end marble look handles are easy to hold and its superior quality bristles make applying makeup so effortless...  

Get a flawless performance with La Canica...! The brushes come in a travel-friendly marble-like container for safekeeping, which also works as a brush holder on your vanity...


  • The brushes are made from sustainable handles with a marble look.
  • The bristles are made of soft synthetic material.
  • Makeup brush set includes 10 PCS. It comes with:
  • A Foundation brush,
  • A Powder brush,
  • An Angled blush brush,
  • An Angled shadow brush,
  • A Flat eyeliner brush,
  • A Flat shadow brush,
  • A Lip/concealer brush,
  • A Blending brush,
  • A Contour blending brush and 
  • A Smudge brush.
  • Select from 3 colors, the brushes come in marble-like travel-friendly container and holder.




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