Kiwi Wonder Eat And Serve Kiwis In A Zip

Kiwi Wonder Eat And Serve Kiwis In A Zip Vista Shops
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Isn't Kiwi one of your favorite fruit like most people? Now eat and serve kiwis in a zip with Kiwi Wonder. What is wonderful is you get 2 Kiwi Wonders in one shipping charge.

Kiwi is your tropical and exotic fruit with unique sweet flavor and can add drama to your otherwise plain toss green salad with its Emerald green flesh and tiny black seeds. If you only had a better way to peel it faster... Oh yes, now you do, With Kiwi Wonder!

With Kiwi Wonder on hand, you can peel, scoop and slice as many kiwi fruits in moments. Take your favorite new tool Kiwi Wonder with bunch of Kiwis and just cut a Kiwi in half, then slice it all around in one circular motion with Kiwi Wonder, scoop the flesh out on the scooper part and toss them in your salads or enjoy them as is. You will 'Wonder" how you survived so far without the Kiwi Wonder?!

The kiwifruit has number of health benefits and with Kiwi Wonder so easy to use, you will eat more kiwis and will notice it works wonders on your health too. Add Vitamin C and K as well as copper and fiber to your family's diet and feel happy and energetic together all year long with Kiwis.

Eat more Kiwis with Kiwi Wonder.



Made from Stainless steel.

6" Long and 1.5 " Wide. 

To be handled by Adult only.

Machine Washable.




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