Keep America Great Trump Coins In Gold And Silver

Keep America Great Trump Coins In Gold And Silver Vista Shops
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What a great conversation starter for the President's supporters.

Here are the commemorative Golden or Silver coins in the mirror-like finish to honor the 45th  POTUS, President Of The United States Donald John Trump. An avid coin collector's delight, it depicts the signature phrase KEEP AMERICA GREAT! along with words IN GOD, WE TRUST marking the current Year 2020 on one side of the coin, while the other side of the coin is decorated with the words COMMANDER IN CHIEF DONALD J. TRUMP and an American Eagle with the American flag design in the center with a scroll that displays the carving of President's signature... Get the coin and proudly show off your collection to your friends and family!

Have this coin with the 45th President Donald Trump as a reminder to Make America GREAT Again... 


  • Limited Edition Collector's Item is made of Alloy Iron, processed with electroplating.  
  • Front of the coin: President Mr. Donald Trump's Image with words IN GOD, WE TRUST marked with the current Year 2020.
  • Back of the coin: an American Eagle with U.S. flag design and President's signature with the Commander In Chief image.
  • They come in Golden and Silver in a clear crystal protective case for gift giving and safekeeping.
  • The coins are made of Aloy metal with Gold or Platinium plating.





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