Karaoke and Influencer Mini Mic For SmartPhone

Karaoke and Influencer Mini Mic For SmartPhone Vista Shops
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Record high-quality audio indoors or even outdoors. 

Whether you are a daily Blogger, Vlogger, Youtuber, Podcaster, TikToker or you just like to do karaoke this simple use mini mic can bring your voice to life in a big way. Just plug in and pair the receiver directly into the lightning port of the IOS or TYPE-C device, and produce an excellent and clear sound instantly. No need for an App or Bluetooth connectivity, the built-in noise reduction feature is an added bonus as it lets you record even in a noisy place and situation. 

An ideal choice for an Influencer like you.


This high-performance min has stable transmission.

It is very lightweight.

It has a digital screen.

Gives professional results. 

The mic works continuously for 6 hours when fully charged.

Compatible with iPhone and iPad series lightning interface iPhone.

Easy to carry as comes with a full set of box packaging.  




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