JOYOUS Natural Charm Stackable Bracelets

JOYOUS Natural Charm Stackable Bracelets Vista Shops
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Promise yourself to Always be Happy, JOYOUS and Free Spirited.

Chose to live life full of Joyous thoughts.

These 7 Joyous Natural Charm Bracelets are sweet reminders to keep choosing joy every single day and make every occasion a Joyous one.

These Natural Charms are something we are always attracted to and they are little Sea Shells, tiny Leaves, beautiful Butterflies, symbols of Circles of Life, elegant Elephants with raised trunks, playful Fishes and Hearts wearing Roses.

Cherish them as they inspire us, guard our thoughts and protect our existence so we can lead more Joyous life every day.



  • 7 Silver plated stackable bracelets, each sold separately.
  • Each Bracelet measure 6 inch Long, with 1 inch Extender chain.
  • It comes with tokens of 4 Beautiful Seashells, 4 Tiny Leaves, 4 Beautiful Butterflies, 4 Circles of Life, 4 Elegant Elephants with Raised Trunk, 4 Playful Fishes and 4 Romantic Hearts with Roses.
  • It has a lobster clasp closure.
  • Stack them together and wear with your existing pieces for Joyous combinations.
  • It comes in a Gift Box, for safe keeping and gift giving.




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