Jot On The Spot LCD Powered Scribble Memo Pad

$ 89.95

Jot On The Spot LCD Powered Scribble Memo Pad.. Get an idea and jot it on the spot..

How many times you have been through this scenario where you want to swrite down an important phone number in a rush and cannot find even a small piece of paper handy and then the oh the frustration of going through various different pens and each one drying out on you! There has to be a better way, you must have thought, and there is.. Jot On The Spot!

This brilliant Scribble Memo Pad comes with it's own stylus and lets you write just like you write on a paper with a pen, keeps the msg until you need it and with a snap of a button you can erase it all to get the pad ready for next message..  No more wastage of paper and no pen needed with ink running out . Use the stylus and you can even use your finger tip to jot down anything important or scribble away fun things for hours ..

The technology is a low powered neon color pad that lights up on pressure and the written words stay there until you erase them.. It comes in various sizes, a smaller pad is perfect for memos, carrying in car , in your purse or inside your portfolio bag for a quick jot down of info ,medium size pad is adequate to do larger memos or even used for solving math problems and doing sketches and then there the large screen which is our favorite, make the most of this to jot down your Wish List for the Holiday Season..  

Jot On The Spot your Wish List and it shall come true..


  • Made for Poly carbonated materials.
  • Jotting down something in your own handwriting old fashion way is fun and gives a personal touch.
  • Select from available screen sizes: 4.5" , 8.5" and 12 ".
  • One Pen Stylus included with all.
  • Only 4mm thick.
  • Comes with Battery and can be replaced. 
  • It has a 100,000 page use cycle at the minimum.
  • Multiple Colors available.

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