iPhone 8 Qi Wireless Charger With Stand.

iPhone 8 Qi Wireless Charger With Stand. Vista Shops
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iPhone 8 the newest version from Apple now has wireless charging capability.   It is using the wireless standard called Qi.  We are offering this Qi Wireless charger that will work with all the models of iPhone 8, 8S, 8 Plus and iPhone X.    We also provide you with a dual port USB charger so if you have other devices that need charging by USB then this will work simultaneously to charge thru that as well.  it also functions as a stand so you can see who is calling with having to pick up the handset.

You are getting the best of both the world the old and new technology tightly incorporated in one single charging unit.

Comes with a cord to plug in the Qi wireless charger to a USB outlet.

  • Fast wireless QI based charger
  • Dual USB ports for charging as well
  • Phone Stand 
  • Compatible with iPhone any model with wireless charging capability.
  • Also compatible with Samsung phone that has wireless charging capability.
  • Charger connection cable included
  • Colors  Black or White




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