iPhone 8 /8X Wireless Charging Pad With Dual USB Ports

iPhone 8 /8X Wireless Charging Pad With Dual USB Ports Vista Shops
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iPhone 8 /8X Wireless Qi Charger that works for all Qi compatible devices like Apple ,Samsung , HTC and LG Smart Phones and you can also charge your wired devices with its built in bonus Dual USB ports.

The charger is simple to operate and works like a coaster for your drink, just set the phone on the charger and it will start charging.  No wires or cable need! Simply keep your Qi Charger plug it into the USB outlet so it is ready to charge..

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  • It comes in Black or White 
  • Dual USB ports for wired device charging.
  • Size 3.5 X 3.5 inch Square.
  • Specially made and tested with the newest iPhones that charge with wireless charger.
  • Light Weight and easy to carry.
  • Compatible with all Qi enabled devices like Apple , Samsung , LG , HTC and any other.




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