iPad & iPad mini Tempered Glass Screen Protector

$ 82.95

Your loved gadget the iPad has become more and more a choice of many over a laptop as the use of the ipad increase so are the chances that your iPad Screen will be scratched or damaged in some way. Our Tempered Glass Screen protector for iPad & ipad mini are the most economical solution for protecting and maintaining of the screen so that your work can continue uninterrupted.

The screen is made from tempered glass that makes it Scratch Free, Socks Free and Smudge and fingerprint free.
It is very thin Glass screen that is .038 mm thick and after you apply it to your screen you will not even notice it as it has smooth beveled round edges.

It is a self easy install takes less than 2 mins and all the surface preparation and tools to install comes in the package.

Anyone can do it and once done you are protecting your investment by 300% and always be ready to work on a clean smudge free ipad.

We have 3 different Models to select from:
-iPad Version 2/3/4
-iPad Air 1
-iPad mini 1 / 2

All of them Features:

-9H Hardness tested
-Japanese Glass
-Curved Edges
-Scratch, Smudge, Fingerprint, Shatterproof -Tempered Glass (not a plastic film)
-Delicate Touch Sensor
-Water resistant
-Easy to install in minutes.

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