Invisible Dual USB Wall Charger Plate With Surge Protection

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Invisible Dual USB Wall Charger with Surge Protection...

This can replace the existing power outlet's outer plate that you have and convert it into a Dual USB quick charger for your gadgets and devices! A simple install is all it takes, no cables or wiring needed... It takes less than 2 minutes to attach it to the wall. Simply replace the outer wall plate that goes over the electrical outlet with this Invisible Wall charger plate and get the outlets plus the Dual USB Wall Chargers with it...    

There are built in hooks that attach to your power outlet inside and powers your charger. This invisible Dual charger will charge your mobile phone, tablets, and camera anything that can use a USB outlet to charge will work with the Invisible charger. When not in use, it will simply look like a regular wall plate.


  • 2 USB ports on the plate with 1.2 amps. 
  • Works in the USA on 120Vac outlets.
  • Comes in Round Dual outlet or Square Dual Outlets.
  • The color is Bright White.
  • Manual and easy to install, the steps included with the package.
*** Only includes wall plate and the charger.Other accessories shown are not included.***

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