Homebase Charging Station For Gadgets And Smart Watches

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Homebase is your base station for charging all your gadgets in one place quickly and efficiently...

 The mini tower has 4 USB ports for charging your phones and a Type C port for charging your latest gadgets with new style port. On the top, it accommodates Smartwatch charging that is compatible with Apple iWatch, Samsung Watch, and Fitbit models.   The charging cables are well hidden from getting tangled. The Homebase charger plugs right into your wall so no need for any other adapter...!  Built-in intelligent charger recognises your device and deliver the higher speed of charging based on battery size.  It will also stop charging when it is fully charged!  

Give your expensive priceless gadgets the proper parking and fuel it needs to keep it functioning around the clock.  Homebase...A perfect charging station on your night stand or any desk to keep your gadgets easily accessible...


  • 4 USB ports. 
  • 1 Type C fast charge port. 
  • 30 W  / 6mps of power.
  • A place to set up charging for a smart watch.
  • Included adapter for Fitbit, iPhone and iWatch.
  • Plugs into the wall with 120vAc normally found in every home in the USA.
  • Size: 3" High x 3.5" Tall in Grey Graphite colour.


**Please note the Home base charger provides ports to charge,  it will use your existing charging cable to charge your device and we do not supply charging cable or any other accessory shown..***

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