Heartbeats Seashell Necklace Set Of 3

Heartbeats Seashell Necklace Set Of 3 Vista Shops
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Collect as many seashells as you Can and never get enough of them...

Each seashell is unique and beautiful... Have you ever held a seashell close to you, it has so many stories of the ocean to tell, just see for yourself by wearing this necklace and you will instantly feel one with the ocean...

Wear these seashells and let these natural treasures speak to your Heartbeats...


  • Each seashell is natural.
  • They are given a golden touch by the finest artisans.
  • The pendant is 1 to 2 inch long, the shape may vary as each shell is unique.
  • The chain measures 18 inches long with 3-inch extender.
  • It has a lobster clasp closure for safety.
  • You get all three, PURE WHITE, PINKISH AND CORAL seashells, wear them individually or layer them for an awesome summer vibe. 





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