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Go Yoga Weighted Bracelet Band

Go Yoga Weighted Bracelet Band Vista Shops
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Feel stronger and more energized in your mind and body with the Go Yoga Weighted Arm Bracelet.

It helps to provide resistance, increase your range of motion and activate your muscles. You will feel stronger and more energized in your mind and body. Utilize the bracelet to enhance Yoga, Pilates, or use it for simple exercises in your daily routine. The bracelet is made with a strong silicone band and can be adjusted to fit all comfortably. The armband is durable allowing you to wash it after each use without it losing its shape or form.

Each Weighted Arm Bracelet is designed to increase the challenge of your poses and comes in four weights for you to choose from. Use them for support or resistance during your routine. Push your yoga practice to the next level with Go Yoga Arm Bracelet.


  • Each bracelet comes with removable adjustable weight pins.
  • Set your own pace with removable pins.
  • Adjustable strap on each band.
  • Washable and durable made from soft silicone.
  • Can also be worn on legs.
  • You get a pair of matching 2/pc bracelet sets with each order.




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