Fruitcola Dome Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Fruitcola Dome Fruit Infuser Water Bottle Vista Shops
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Good Living in Style brings you Fruitcola Dome.. The Fruit Infuser Water Bottle, a fun way to get your daily intake of precious water with added fruits..!

Now you can make your choice of sweet flavored water and keep yourself hydrated, healthy and safe all day long.. Fruitcola Dome comes with BUILT IN SPOUT AND COLORED DOME SHAPED CAP. The bottle is made from TRITAN BPA Free plastic, approved for use with any drinkable liquid.  It fits in most car cup holders and the cap screws on to keep the sipper portion always clean and germ-free!  

To sweeten the water, fill the inside tube with tiny pieces of Strawberries and Watermelon or infuse it with herbs like Mint to make it refreshing .. then add Water, Lemon and crushed Ice to the bottle or add Honey to make it naturally sweeter and have it's health benefits as well..! The possibilities are endless, it not just looks great, it tastes great too! 

What a smart way to replenish the with much needed water intake everyday and cleanse your body, also a great gift for the ones you love and care for..


  • The bottle is made from TRITAN POLYMERS.
  • The bottle has built in spout.
  • It has a colorful Dome shaped cap.
  • It is 100% BPA FREE.
  • It holds 27 oz liquid.
  • Dishwasher safe in Top Rack.
  • They come in Refreshing colors Like PINK, PURPLE, BLUE,GREEN, YELLOW, RED AND BLACK,select your colors to match with your fruits and have your fill of water with fun.




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