Fingertip Pulse Oximeter And Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor With LED Display

Fingertip Pulse Oximeter And Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor With LED Display Vista Shops
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This oxygen monitor is essential and easy to use.

Much needed in every hospital, oxygen bars, community health centers, and sports centers, it is also a must-have for sports lovers like mountain climbers and bikers, and in every household for the health-conscious family. It is safe and reliable.

Keep the finger on your Pulse... Stay relevant and in touch with your health!

A pulse oximeter measures and identify how well the lungs are working, and, can basically be an early warning system in terms of patients to know who has pneumonia

The pulse oximeter observes a rapid measurement of oxygen saturation level in your body without using needles or taking a blood sample. The measured amount shown on the screen reflects the saturation of your red blood cells with oxygen. The oxygen level may also help to determine if you need to receive supplemental oxygen. This saturation number SpO2(a good number would be over 90-92%)


    • The newest updated powerful fingertip pulse Oximeter has a wide application and ease of use: Just place it on your fingertip and press the button.
    • It will accurately measure your SpO2, PR, and PI, even while you are in sleep.
    • Fast, precise, and rapid measurement, it takes only 6 seconds to measure the concentration rate and the blood Oxygen pulse.
    • High-resolution LED display shows pulse shape, heart rate, SpO2 level, and battery charge.
    • Efficient and easy 2-Way rotating LED display for User/ Caregiver.
    • Auto-Power-Off after 8 seconds to save batteries when the finger is removed.
    • It will store the readings for 8 hours, perfect for tracking the readings measured in the night.
    • Over 30 hours of continuous use on 2 AAA batteries(Not included).
    • It comes in Blue. Pink and Gray




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