Find My Pet MFI Certified Activity Tracker for your Dog

Find My Pet MFI Certified Activity Tracker for your Dog Vista Shops
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Gone are the days of creating 'lost dog' stickers and sticking them on the neighborhood trees for your missing dog.

Just attach this durable and comfortable Silicone activity tracker to your dog's collar band and have peace of mind knowing your pet is within range so you can monitor its activities constantly and closely. The tracker is good enough for any dog size, big or small, and won't hinder its playful activities. What's more, this activity tracker is compatible with iOS systems, and it integrates seamlessly with the 'Find Me' app, giving you information about its current location and ensuring your privacy intact. You can immediately receive updates in case your pet goes far away or gets lost, and you can effectively track your pet as a result of this efficient tracker.

Protect your furry friend and reunite with it if you lose him, even briefly.    



    • Its protective case is crafted from soft, skin-friendly, and washable liquid Silicone material. 
    • This innovative activity tracker boasts durability and comfort for your pet.
    • It is weatherproof and waterproof.
    • Attach the tracker to your pet, handbags, purses, backpacks, laptop bags, and bikes, and conveniently locate your lost essentials and pricy items in no time.





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