Fabulous Flamingos Cushion Covers

Fabulous Flamingos Cushion Covers Vista Shops
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Who doesn't love the flame-colored feathered Flamingos?

Say a big yes to the long-legged vibrant beauty that teaches us to stand tall and look graceful. These sweet and innocent birds are captured in the cameras on the islands of Hawaii dancing between the rich Palm trees and Hibiscus flowers and made it into prints just for you to admire and appreciate their awesome beauty.

Bring the Fabulous Flamingos into your home and make your surroundings as exotic as can be...


  • Ideal for indoors and outdoors and made for window seats, sofas, love seats, day beds, patios as well as floors.
  • Perfect for adult's and kid's room alike. 100% Cotton/ Linen blend covers.
  • Inspirational Flamingo amidst nature motifs looks awesome.
  • Fit cushion sizes 18 x 18 inches.
  • The invisible zipper makes it look neat.
  • Spot clean or Dry Clean Each cushion cover sold individually.

*Covers Sold Only, Not Inserts.*




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