Evening In Paris Wrist Watch

Evening In Paris Wrist Watch
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Wearing this watch is like going down the memory lane and remembering the little things you experienced the first time you visited romantic Paris..

Let the nostalgia hit you again and remember your first Evening In Paris.. the spectacular landscape of Paris from the top of the famous landmark Arc de Triomphe, the twinkling lights of Paris reflecting in the mirror of the Seine river , the buzzing streets and cafe's in the heart of bustling Paris, the street musicians serenading the delicate Parisian women and that spectacular visual of the sparkling Eifel Tower from your room..

Promise yourself to visit Paris again and experience the Evening In Paris yet again soon..!


  • It has Gold-tone bezel comes with Crystal Clear Diamonds.
  • It has Stainless Steel back and Quartz Movement.
  • The watch is designed with landmarks like the Eifel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe.
  • Each watch has a dial in dial, with crystals on the small dial that tells time.
  • The Vegan leather colorful faux crocodile pattern strap is 8 inches Long.
  • It comes with buckle closure.
  • These extremely attractive watches come in vivid splashes of colors like BROWN, PINK,BLACK and WHITE straps.




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