Evening Affair 5 in 1 Earring Set

Evening Affair 5 in 1 Earring Set Vista Shops
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Classic and delicate 5 PC Earring set.

Just perfect for those intimate evenings when you need a special touch of elegance in a very subtle way to compliment your outfit. Featuring 5 different pairs of earrings, embellished with shimmering pave crystals that give luxurious vibes.

Wear Silver or Rosegold to a fancy concert, a charity gala, or an evening with your special person, and have a sparkling time.


  • Crafted with 925 Sterling Silver and a delicate layer of Rosegold on 925 Sterling Silver.
  • You will reach for all five earrings any time you are getting ready for the special evening. 
  • Mix and match to create different looks if you have multiple piercings.
  • Wear a new pair each day of the week.
  • It comes neatly placed in an attractive box.
  • Great for gifting a special someone.




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