Easy Listener Bluetooth Speaker and MP3 player

Easy Listener Bluetooth Speaker and MP3 player Vista Shops
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Easy Listener Bluetooth Speaker and MP3 player.   Bright and Vivid contrasting color combination and an easy smooth sound of music can give you hours of quality listening time every day.   Fully portable with a built-in battery that can play your fav's for 5 hours non-stop.   Sync with your phone, tablet or other Bluetooth music source and start enjoying smooth and easy sounds from this speaker.

It has a TF memory card slot on the back that can play your MP3 music.  You also have a power on and off button for DND.   Light weight under 6 oz and comes with wristlet strap.   All metal grill with PC plastic body.   It is well built and shock proof so if you drop it accidently it will not damage it.

Speaker watts: 5 wt

Size : 4 " W x 1 thick x 2.5" tall

Recharge Via USB port ( recharge cable included)

Volume control buttons and can even answer your phone with it's built in mic.




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