Dual Car 12v Outlet with 4 USB all Gadget Charger

Dual Car 12v Outlet with 4 USB all Gadget Charger Vista Shops
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Dual Car Outlet that is 12v which gives you the ability to plug in 2 gadget that charge thru 12v cigarette lighter outlet. You also have 4 USB ports that are 6amp which will charge 4 different gadget at the same time. Fully compatible with iPhone, iPad, Samsung and hundreds of other devices.

These days portability of gadget is what everyone want and way to keep them charged is what this does effectively and efficiently. It has a built in circuit breaker so it will never over power your gadgets.

Comes in Black 

  • Dual Outlet in Car 12v-15v 
  • 4 USB ports that are 6.2amps compatible to charge your iPhone, iPad, Samsung and many other devices.
  • 3 ft. cord
  • Will plug in to your existing cigarette lighter outlet and making it a dual port.
  • Circuit overload protection with built in fuse.




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