Soho Desk Organizer And Wireless Phone Charger

Desk Organizer + Wireless Phone Charger Vista Shops
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Organize your Small Office Home Office with this go-to handy accessory effectively and efficiently.

Sort and prioritize your desk and have more organizational skills while you are busy working on an important project. This desk organizer has two built-in compartments and a wireless charger with a 45-degree angle, that can charge any of your Apple or Android phones with high-speed quick charging capability. It allows you to monitor your phone screen while the phone is getting charged, you can even have a video call or a speakerphone conversation by using it as a stand. The other two compartments are very useful to contain the clutter on the desk for sorting out important office supplies like a mail opener, stapler, scissors, pens, paperclips, stamps, and more. This also can be used on a desk or used to store makeup brushes and other beauty products while you are charging your phone.

An organized desk is a sign of an organized mind, get your desk and day organized with Soho.


  • It is made from Vegan leather and looks professional.
  • Three separate compartments to charge and store office supplies.
  • The wireless charger for your mobile phone supports Apple and Android phones. 
  • It can be used to sort beauty products, select from available colors like Black, Gray, Blue, Pink, and Beige to suit your surroundings.




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