Cutie Patootie Beauty Wristlet Clutch

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Absolutely irresistible ...

Just when you needed something shiny, and something tiny that lightens and brightens you up... This beauty wristlet clutch is all yours with its hundreds of little Diamond crystals that will make your evening! It is lovable and hugs your arm like you are the Cutie Patootie...

Make this cuter than cute object of desire yours today...!


  • The bejeweled clutch comes with a mesh full of little Diamond Crystals all over it.
  • It measures 5 inches wide and 5 inches deep.
  • The wristlet is 5 inches long.
  • Inside has a silky lining which gives it a fine finish.
  • Outside has a zipper on top of the clutch to secure your precious stuff inside.
  • A press button closure makes both sides of the clutch come closer and lock in a kiss, making it cuter than cute.
  • It comes in three tones, Golden Patootie, Silver Cutie and Black Beauty.
  • Get for yourself and more as they are simply cute for gift giving.




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