Cork Work iPad Case For Air And Mini

Cork Work iPad Case For Air And Mini
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You will like how quietly it works along side with you!

When you select this cork like iPad case to house your iPad, it says a lot about you that you love high-quality, natural stuff and like care for your important things. The case looks cool and feels naturally soft and comfortable ; not only in your arms but also on your work table and other furniture .. it won't scratch any surface and will be gentle all the way.. 

Give it a try..Cork Work really works! 


  • A Long lasting case made with cork like material which is scratch-proof and shatter- proof.
  • Equipped with all ports.
  • Compatible for your iPad Air 1,2,3 and Mini 2 and3.
  • The Case comes in natural wooden and beautiful shades of LIGHT WOOD, DARK WOOD, MAHOGANY WOOD, PINK, TEAL, BLUE, SKY BLUE AND BLACK colors for both IPAD AIR 1,2,3 and IPAD mini 2,3.




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