Cork Mill Easy Wine Bottle Opener

Cork Mill Easy Wine Bottle Opener Vista Shops
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Let the party begin with the easiest bottle opener on the market that you will love and need..

Celebrate and savor the Vintage wine with your friends...No more struggle or pressure is needed to pull the cork out.. Simply use the Cork Mill, it has a powerful rotary handle and with just a few turns, the cork pops right out of the bottle and everyone can say cheers!!

Go ahead.. collect your wine corks, and write little things like the date or names on each cork before you put it in your cork holder.. Build memories with the Cork Mill..!


Also included with the Cork mill is the foil cutter to get you started.
Clear protective cover to keep your fingers out.
It does not require any batteries or charging.
A simple and easy wine bottle opener will last for years.
Great for gift giving to your fellow wine aficionados.
Get more, each sold separately.




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