City Crossbody Backpack

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City Cross body Backpack.

For a city slicker like you, the sling style little backpack will quickly become your most important thing to have to get you through your busy day. 

Whether you are rushing out to go to the gym or taking your dog out to the neighborhood park for a walk, having the City Cross body Backpack handy makes it easy to pack your essentials and get out the door quickly.

Carry your water bottle and stay hydrated post your workout session or carry little snack and your Smartphone with headphones to listen to music while Rocky plays 'chase the ball ' in the park.



  • Port holes for access to Smartphone with headphones.
  • Insulated Pocket for water bottle or thermos bottle storage.
  • Plenty of room to fit in your wallet and car keys. 
  • Light weight and easy to carry with adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Made from Nylon and Neoprene materials.
  • Hard Nylon zipper. 
  • Water and Dirt Resistant.  
  • Multiple Colors to choose from.




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