Catch All Tray Pod With 3 In 1 Smart Wireless Charger

Catch All Tray Pod With 3 In 1 Smart Wireless Charger Vista Shops
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Stay organized, and productive with this functional and practical 3 in 1 tray pod.

Stop the drama of wasting time, losing energy in finding things, and spending more money than needed on products that just do not work for you. Go to this Catch-All tray that holds all your essentials in one place. Find your wallet and your car keys along with your phone, AirPods and Smartwatch all charged up on the build-in Qi-certified Wireless charger, and ready to take on the day for you. Enhance your room's decor by placing this stylish 3 in 1 tray pod either on your vanity, desk, or nightstand, no need to hide it. Make it your pick up and drop off station. Stay on top of your game and find everything you needed in a day while walking out the door, and let it catch it all by end of the day for a recharge. 

Help get a totally scattered and disorganized family member into a more sorted and organized person with Catch-All 3 in 1 Tray Pod, get yours today.


  • This Smart Wireless Charger is made of Vegan leather.
  • Holds essentials like a mobile phone, AirPods, smartwatch, keys, glasses, wallet, jewelry, etc.
  • It comes with a Qi-certified wireless charger, no need to plug in every time you want to charge your devices.
  • Works with all Apple devices and Qi-based Android devices as well.
  • Automatic charging control never overcharges your devices.
  • 3 in 1 fast wireless charging capability charges smartphone, Airpods, and Apple Watch while resting your devices on the Tray Pod. 
  • With a No-slip grip, the tray pod holds the surface nicely to keep your devices secure.
  • Bigger and better than the standard trays, it measures 8.25 inches tall x 13.25 inches wide.
  • Select from various colors that go well with your surroundings.
  • Get more for each room, each sold separately.




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