Carry On Closet Baggage Organizer

Carry On Closet Baggage Organizer Vista Shops
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Packing for vacation is so much fun and convenient with this Baggage Organizer.
You get 3 shelves to organize all your beautiful destination clothes and beach accessories, plus separate laundry zippered compartment for used clothes. You can fit in so much, just hang the organizer over the door and start placing your tops and shirts, jeans and pants, some tees and kimonos, plus your favorite lingerie, swimsuits, and beach coverups, as well as an extra pair of formal shoes and a jewelry box, all sorted nice and neat in these shelves. Then place this organizer in your carry-on bag, close it down, zip it up and you are ready to fly! Unpacking is even easier, as you just need to remove the organizer from your bag and hang it in the hotel room closet when you reach your destination! You will enjoy getting ready as everything is sorted at eye level and easy to find plus the close stay nice and neat and wrinkle-free! Get one more for your travel buddy so he can have his clothes and toiletries organized too! Toss used clothes in the zippered compartment so the laundry gets sorted as well.
Carry On with your vacation plans, your Baggage Organizer is here to help you pack quickly and effectively, so you can really enjoy your 'Me' time even more!
  • It is made of sturdy Polyester fabric and can hold up to 50 lbs easily.
  • When expanded, it measures 18" Wide x 12" Deep x 25.5" inches Tall when opened.
  • Packing is a breeze as everything fits nicely plus gives you more space.
  • It lets you see everything at eye level.
  • Clothes remain wrinkle-free, which saves time ironing.
  • A separate compartment for accessories and used clothes sort things out.
  • Ideal for a Standard size carry-on bag. 
  • Get 2 so your travel partner can have his own organizer. Each is sold separately.
  • It comes in 3 colors.
***This baggage organizer goes in your existing suitcase, suitcase shown here is for demonstration purposes only and does not come with the product.***




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