Cardio Workout Jump Rope Exerciser With Digital Counter

Cardio Workout Jump Rope Exerciser With Digital Counter Vista Shops
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Skip away to a healthier, fitter lifestyle with goal-driven products that are easy to use. Our skipping rope is easy to attach and detach without any hassle.

It's perfect for beginners who want to learn the right technique before accessing our more advanced rope skipping ropes. This digital counter keeps track of every skip and provides accurate results as you train yourself to jump rope better every time you use it.

Detachable ropes:

This skipping rope is 3.1 m in length and can switch between skipping balls and skipping ropes. The skipping balls assist beginners in learning the right technique before getting into advanced rope jumping. Once you are comfortable with the hand and leg coordination for consistent jumping and skipping the rope, you can again attach the rope to continue your reps. Skipping the rope helps burn excess calories, and our detachable equipment makes learning exercises with a skipping rope easy and convenient.

No More Tangling of the Rope:

The cardio skipping rope has a built-in digital counter that can count your calories burned and track your RPM to optimize your workout. The skipping rope is made from durable, high-quality materials and hand-crafted by expert artisans to ensure its durability.

Smart Chip Technology:

Use this skipping rope and track your workout progress. The rope uses a smart chip to help you perfectly track your skipping rope workout.

Some major functions include the following:

The Repeat Counter - The counter keeps a note of your skipping repetitions and gives you the precise count of how many times you do rope jumping. It ensures that you do perfect sets and are able to push through your weight loss journey.

Km/miles Calculator - This is a unique feature that lets you measure your skipping rope cardio workout equivalent to the distance you can run to burn the same amount. This helps you with endurance training and helps you track your growth in overall stamina.

Calories Burned Tracker - It is an amazing feature for weight loss exercises. The calorie burn tracker records the skipping rope cardio and converts it into equivalent calories you burnt while skipping rope for weight loss. With eBoutique's ropes, you can burn up to 2074 calories per hour.

Ergonomic functionality:

This skip rope is ergonomically designed with a proper grip to let you keep skipping without having to stop for long periods of time. The rope is sleek and lightweight, yet sturdy and durable. It's the perfect solution to your cardio workout needs at home or outdoors. With an extra-long handle, it doesn't slip easily, making it easy and fun to use.





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