BOOST BELT Exercise Essential Pouch and Smartphone Case

BOOST BELT Exercise Essential Pouch and Smartphone Case Vista Shops
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Get up Champ.. jogging season has arrived .. Boost is here to inspire you and Boost your confidence to keep moving..!

Whether you are going to hit the gym, run on a treadmill at home or decide to enjoy beautiful day jogging outdoors along the twists and turns of the jogging trail, have a Boost of confidence and energy with this stretchable, sweat resistant and water resistant belt.. It accommodates your essential stuff like your phone, a card or two, a chapstick and most importantly a power bar, in case you need that extra Boost of energy.. ! This Neoprene fabric belt in bright colors doubles as a safety device too, so you can have a fun run even after the Sunset..

Run with Boost and you are ready for the best Summer Body award this season..!

1.  Select 4.7-inch Size for iPhone 4,5,6 or Samsung, Galaxy, LG, Sony.

2.  Select 5.5 inch for Apple 6 Plus or Samsung Note. 



  • It is made of bright Neoprene material in Unisex design.
  • Touch Screen see thru front panel to use the phone without taking it out.
  • It measures 37 Inches Long, with 5 inches Long extender, adjustable to smaller and larger size with the adjustable belt.
  • Access to plug in the headphone.
  • Zippered secure pocket.
  • It comes in vibrant and vivid colors like NAVY BLUE, HOT PINK, BLACK, SKY BLUE, LIME GREEN, WHITE, SOFT PINK AND RED.
** Headphone Earbuds Not Included, they are sold separately.**




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