Beauty Sleep Satin Pillowcases 2/Pack

Beauty Sleep Satin Pillowcases 2/Pack
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Beauty Sleep Satin Pillowcases for a Goodnite Sleep.  Elevate your beauty sleep with this satin pillowcases protect delicate facial hair from scratches, creases and tugs, helping to reduce split ends and ensuring a night of restorative beauty sleep. Leave Skin Hydrated experience the next generation of revolutionary fabric, highly advanced satin fabric. While other materials may tug at your hair follicles and strip your skin of natural, important oils, satin isn't as drying as cotton. Satin is like a godsend for your skin to retain natural, important oils, satin isn't as drying as cotton.


Envelope closure end design prevents your pillows from popping out during your sweet dream. No zipper, this pillowcase has an easy on and off design to bring you a unique and pleasant experience that will give you crisp, even-textured satin pillowcases are both soft and durable, coaxing out a good night's sleep.


High-quality satin is sturdier and more durable than silk pillowcases, which need professional care. Easy care machine washable in delicate cycle in a mesh bag to protect and reatin its orginal feel for a long long time.


The set comes in Queen size pillowcase approx. 20" tall and 30" wide and are sold in set of 2/pack




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