Home Parlor Beauty Makeup Applicator Get 6 pcs Of Expandable Sponges

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Achieve parlor like streak-free and flawless finish right at home with these beauty makeup applicator sponges...

Get 6 pcs of these expandable sponges and achieve the beautiful skin of your dreams in the comfort of your own home! This makeup applicator sponge gives you parlor like smooth appearance to your face every time you use it... 

Just wet the smooth sponge to expand it and use a very little amount of primer, foundation, or blush and just blend, blend, blend! It will make your face glow with natural beauty and you are not wasting too much product either... Simply rinse the sponge to clean it and it looks like new again... Try on different foundations and share new makeup tips and tricks with your friends... 

Behind every beautiful face there is this makeup applicator, get yours today!


  • The sponge is made of a latex-free and lightweight Polyurethane.
  • You can apply dry or wet makeup like a primer, foundation, blush, contour creme and blend it to get a flawless face each time you use this makeup applicator.
  • You get all 6 pcs with each order.
  • It comes in a beautiful combination of colors like Red, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Cream, and Blue.
  • Get more for your besties, each sold separately.

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