Action Replay Hands Free Video Glasses With Remote

Action Replay Hands Free Video Glasses With Remote
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More than meets the eyes.

Well believe it or not it's not just your cool sunglasses, it's a video camera. Wear these cool glasses to protect your eyes and capture all the fun moments hands-free as this one also works like a video camera that is placed right in the middle between your two eyes! No need to hold the bulky camera or your phone, which might slip and get damaged. Record the events with these video glasses while wearing them, it comes with a remote control so you can just look at something and it records it without disturbing anyone. You can be hiking, biking, gardening, or cooking and record it all at the same time! What's more, you can listen to music, control the volume and receive phone calls too. Reply to the events by simply connecting the video camera to your computer with a USB cable.

Enjoy this summer with all your Action Replay footage recorded on the hands-free video glasses with remote, share it with your family and they will love you even more.






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