8 Pc Ultimate Essential Bundle Pack For Podium Style iPad Stand and Charger

$ 275.95

8 Pc Ultimate Essential Bundle Pack for the Podium Style Stand and Charger.

The Ultimate Essential Bundle Pack that gives you  everything you need for your iPad or a Smartphone ! A perfect bundle for a student on the campus, a road warrior or a beachcomber who needs to have an access to the office right on the beach.

Select from : RED, BLUE, BLACK, GOLD, SILVER & PURPLE colors for your Essential Bundle Pack.


  1. Podium Style Folding Stand & Charger Power Bank : for your iPad or Smartphone with 10,400 mAh and Dual USB charging port.
  2. Bluetooth enabled keyboard:  that can turn your iPad or Tablet in to laptop style.
  3. Go Go Gadget Bag : that will hold all your accessories in one place including your iPad.
  4. A Charger : that can charge all your gadget including your Podium Charger or your iPad or your Smartphone at home or in the car.
  5. 3 ft Long Charging Cable : that can charge your Podium Power Bank. 
  6. Stylus : that is 3 in 1, it's a PEN ,STYLUS and a LED light.
  7. 4 in 1 Charging Cable: to charge any gadget including your iPad, Tablet or Smartphone.This cable will charge 99% of the gadget in Marketplace, it has micro, mini USB and a 8 pin Lightning Adapter.
  8. Velvet Pouch: that will store your Podium Power Bank nice and neat.
** Best part is, all the above 8 pcs if bought elsewhere and separately, will cost over $300.00.However you are getting it all here at VistaShops in a compact Ultimate Essential Bundle Pack, for one reasonable , affordable price. All products included with One Year Warranty , except the Cables.***

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