Portable charging workhorse with 5200 mAh power

Portable charging workhorse with 5200 mAh power Vista Shops
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This portable power bank is a powerful charger for all your devices from Smartphones to Tablets, all can be recharged on the go.
This small power bank packs enough power to charge your smartphone 200% and 100% on your tablet.
It comes with built in LED flashlight and a power indicator that shows you what is left in the power bank to use.

Built tough and can easily slip in your pocket or purse has an on/off button to regulate how much of it will be used. Smooth rounded edges that give you good feeling.
It has built in automatic power shut off when your device is fully charged.

It take 2- 3 hours to charge your power bank 100% and approx. 2 hours to charge your devices.

Come with 24 month warranty.

• 5200 mAh capacity Power bank workhorse.
• Built in USB port for charging any device.
• Power indicator light
• Built in LED flashlight
• Micro USB cable to charge your power bank.
• Multiple colors to choose from.




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