Gadget Kat - Fun and Playful Charger

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Gadget Kat is a fun and playful charger for your smartphone and tablet. When you’re smart gadget is out of power or your battery starts flashing "Low Battery”, you do not need to worry as the Gadget Kat is here to your rescue. The Gadget Kat will make you feel your gadget has 9 lives like a cat has, as it can charge 2 devices at the same time; while you continue to use them!

Gadget Kat is a DUAL USB Port high speed power bank with LI-Polymer type batteries, which speeds up all action and then go back to sleep when not needed. Like a lazy cat. It will slip in your purse or a pocket and won't make you look like a geek but guarantees that you will have lot of fun...when others will be out of power, you will be all ready with THE GADGET KAT!

Select your pet name and color:

1. KATLINA (Pink)
2. OLIVER (Olive)
3. PURRY (Purple)
4. KATZILLA (Black)
5. MISTY (Blue)
6. TIGER (Brown)

1) 5600 mAh power capacity, charges your smartphone 200% or your tablet 100%.
2) 2 high speed USB ports 1.0amps and 2.1 amps.
3) Recharge the Gadget Kat with micro usb cable, included in the package.
4) Smooth, soft to touch finish in multiple colors.
5) Size: 3.5 inch Tall x 2.5 inch wide.

1 year warranty.

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